Haze Da Punter

Haze da Punter is a rising music artist on the east coast. A son of the “Elm City,” New Haven, he’s been rapping since the age 12, but not until 2006 was he ready to pursue a music career seriously. His first major performance was at the 2010 Spring Jam at Western Connecticut University. Soon after he began working with the Cosine Music Group, a production team hailing from the same city.

Working with Cosine produced his first mixtape: Get High Off My Name, in July 2011. He released his singles, “QP” and his follow up “Stick Ya Tongue Out” Haze’s style is infectious, combining a fun freestyle party attitude with fresh, witty rhymes that keep the ladies intrigued and the fellas quoting his punchlines.

Recently, he’s released his latest project, FLAF AMERICA. As the poster child for the faded lifestyle he has been featured in Indie 360 Magazine, RadioSeen radio and several blogs defining the #FLAFlife, his motto. Haze is an artist who will soon run clubs, radio and your ears. With a knack for the ‘top line’ by the end of the song the hook will be falling off your lips. There’s very little that you can do other than to “Get High Off His Name.”

Recent Happenings

– Performed at Southern Connecticut State University, sponsored by the Tru Model Troupe, charity organization (1st Breast Cancer awareness; 2nd Lupus Awareness)

– Cin-M-Art, Manhattan, NY: Performed along with Johnny Crome

– Indie 360 Magazine: featured “Artist of the Week”, debut of FLAF AMERICA mixtape with written/video interview.

– Brand New: (an independent music blog, content is consistent of up coming and independent artists) “Stick Ya Tongue Out” [Get High Off My Name] & “I’m Good” [FLAF AMERICA] music videos were featured with reviews.